The Judgements of Revelation

It is an interesting fact that the bible has been scientifically proven to be historically accurate and of divine origin. With that in mind, that same scripture speaks of two major judgments that people will undergo in the future. One of these judgments speaks of eternal rewards for a saved believer in Christ whose eternal future is safe in Heaven. The other judgment speaks of a horrifying judgment of unsaved and unbelieving people who have rejected the only means of their salvation, which is Jesus Christ. These people will appear at a horrifying event called “The Great White Throne Judgment” where they are forever sentenced to an unfathomable hopeless eternity of suffering. Charles Stanley will speak of the “The Great White Throne Judgment” of the lost and reveal from scripture what these people can expect for rejecting their only means of escape. This message serves as a sobering warning and wake-up call while there is still time.