Godly Parenting

Godly Parenting


Parenting From Zero to Adulthood
A 31-Day Devotional

Source: rickthomas.net

This parenting devotion will help you parent your children from zero to adulthood. It’s a biblically-based devotional applicable to any family. The home is a laboratory where parents have the opportunity to provide a context and guidance for children to mature into Christlike character qualities. The goal of parenting is to release the children into the world as adults who humbly live under the authority of God.

Parenting is incremental and appropriate to the individual child, as the parent cooperates with the unique narrative that God is writing into the child’s life. The parents not only have the privilege to teach the children but they give the kids the most effective and powerful example of what they want them to be as they model Christ to them.

This 31-Day Parenting Devotion is full of practical advice for you to implement immediately into your family. Because there are so many ideas, you will not be able to apply them all at once. You can prioritize the ones that most apply to your family and come back to the others later. This is an “evergreen” resource that never loses its value. And these truths transcend time and cultures.


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